Wrigley Field Beer Prices


A lot of fans love to enjoy an ice cold brew at the ballpark.


Are you wondering how much does it cost to grab a beer at Wrigley Field?

According to the Chicago Cubs' website, the price of beer at Wrigley Field varies depending on the brand and size of the beer.

In general, a regular-sized beer (12 oz) can range from $8 to $11, while a large beer (20 oz) can range from $11 to $15. Craft beers and premium options may be priced higher. Keep in mind that prices are subject to change and may vary depending on the specific game or event.

New in 2023, the bat of beer costs $33 with tax.

The cheapest beer at Wrigley Field is found in the Gallagher Way outdoor area and it’s $9.99 (plus tax).

It's worth noting that Wrigley Field has a policy that limits fans to purchasing a maximum of two alcoholic beverages at a time, and alcohol sales typically end after the seventh inning. Additionally, fans are not allowed to bring their own alcohol into the stadium.





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